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Brain injuries can be serious.

-Especially when they are undiagnosed and not treated in a timely fashion. BrainCussion was formed with two goals in mind:

(1) To perform baseline testing of student and professional athletes. The goal is to have an assessment of an athlete’s performance baseline in case they were to sustain a concussion. In the event of a sports-related injury, the health care providers can use the baseline test results to compare to the post-concussive injury to determine the extent and severing of the concussion, as well as to help guide treatment decisions.

(2) To perform post-injury testing of people involved in falls, sports injuries, or motor vehicle collisions. A concussion protocol should be in place for all health care providers to help assess traumatic brain injuries, determine the appropriate treatment plan, and facilitate return to activity procedures.

Braincussion uses an FDA cleared online tool for both of these purposes – baseline testing and post-injury testing. It gives objective data to the health care provider as it measures the following:

  • Visual memory

  • Verbal memory

  • Reaction time

  • Processing speed to help the healthcare provider determine if the patient is safe to return to school, work, or their everyday activities.

The patient can take the test online using a laptop or computer with an internet connection. The approximate testing time is only about 20 minutes. The referring health care provider will receive a full report that shows the patient’s scores.

The test has been administered to tens of millions of patients for baseline and post-injury testing since 2002. It has been used by the following entities to assist in ruling out concussions, or in the diagnosis and treatment of these traumatic brain injuries:

  • Clinical Centers

  • Military Units

  • Hundreds of professional sports teams

  • High Schools, Colleges, and Universitities.

It is important to note that BrainCussion is used as the entry point for possibly ruling out concussions, or for diagnosing a concussion so further diagnostic testing and treatment may be provided to the patient.

BrainCussion Marketing is a strategic partner of Impact promoting awareness and proper diagnosis of concussions. BrainCussion Marketing is also a strategic partner with BrainCussion Telehealth, a national telehealth provider for the diagnosis and treatment of TBIs and concussions, and ImPact Applications, Inc., the leader in providing reliable concussion tools, training, and resources to thousands of health care providers and professional and amateur athletic organizations around the world.