What are the risks caused by brain injuries and concussions?

Evidence shows that a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) actually reduces life expectancy and results in an increase in long-term mortality?1 Even for a “mild” TBI, there is ample evidence which disputes the idea of a patient making a complete recovery.2 To be sure, “[i]t is well-recognized that [. . . ] patients often having persisting difficulties with concentration and memory.”3 Further, a study of over 350,000 veterans revealed that the risk of developing dementia after sustaining even a “mild” TBI without loss of consciousness is more than double that of individuals who have never suffered a TBI.4

If you are on this website for baseline testing, or for post-trauma injuries, you will need a health care provider to refer you for services. Below is a list of chiropractors, medical doctors, and clinics that understand the importance of early diagnosis of a concussion so it can be treated properly:

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2 Smith, Douglas, et al., Diffuse Axonal Injury in Head Trauma, J. Head Trauma Rehabil. 2003 18(4).

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